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In our fat/weight loss programs we primarily use metabolic conditioning. Metabolic conditioning programs are one of the best way to burn high amount of calories throughout the day. This comprises of short bursts of highly intensified workout sessions which boosts your resting metabolism through higher EPOC for the next 24-48 hours . The beauty of metabolic conditioning is that it alters your body chemistry, and produces fat burning hormones that force your body to burn fat as fuel so you get lean and toned faster. Strength and stamina gains are added bonus with this kind of training.


Some additional benefits of  Fat/Weight Loss Training Programs –


It improves cardio-vascular capacity- this is not your average aerobic jogging or dancing session. If you can’t stop panting after running a couple of flights of stairs then this program will help address that. Metcon exercises increase your VO2 max that will improve the quality of your active life.


Improves hormonal profile- Several studies have shown that metabolic conditioning promotes “lipolysis” ( that’s a technical term for fat loss). This keeps the body in fat burning mode even after workouts.


It promotes serious calorie burn- As this type of training requires a mixture of strength, aerobic and anaerobic movements including large muscle groups it has the capability of burning a lot of calories in a single session.


A fitness program that promotes Fat Loss and not just Weight Loss.
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