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We do not deliver one size fits all Training or Nutrition plans. If you can’t physically visit to Rave Fitness Studio then this is the next best thing. The best online fitness coaches will get in a one on one session with you to deliver high quality personal training online at the comfort of your home.


The Benefits of Online Training:


This option of our online fitness classes is far superior to following a training video, fitness app or a generalised online weight loss program. This is because here the coach is able to assess your fitness and medical background in person (Video Call) and design a training plan which suits you the best.


Another major benefit of this type of training is that because the online fitness coach is overseeing your movements, so chances of an injury due to wrong technique/posture are minimal.


This will ensure that you are able to achieve your fitness goals most effectively, efficiently and safely.


Our online fitness training programs are very effective for Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Post-Injury Rehabilitation, Post Natal Weight Loss and improving Flexibility and Strength.

Online Personal Training Packages

12 Virtual Training Sessions (Validity 30 Days)

Starts at Rs 7200

12 Virtual Training Sessions (Validity 90 Days)

Starts at Rs 18000

12 Group Virtual Training Sessions

Rs 2500 per month

Virtual Nutrition Packages

Our online diet plan provides you with nutrition consultations and customised diet charts to meet your fitness goals and also satisfying your palate. Our in-house experienced and certified nutritionist will get on a one to one video call with you. The nutritionist will design an effective online diet plan for weight loss muscle gain or weight maintenance keeping your preferences, fitness goals and body composition into consideration.

Nutrition Packages

Single Plan

₹ 2500

✓  1 Online Nutrition Consultation

✓  1 Online Diet Plan

✓  1 Revision after 2 weeks

✓  Email/Whatsapp Support

3 Months Plan

₹ 5000

✓ Monthly Online Consultations

✓ 3 Online Diet Plans

✓ Unlimited Revisions

✓ Email/Whatsapp Support

Our google reviews

Deeksha Khurana

a month ago

“I started online sessions under coach Saurav during the lockdown which was a great experience because the classes were challenging and very effective. He is encouraging , motivating ,and very thorough with his explanations and visuals to demonstrate proper technique to ensure you are safely and effectively achieving your fitness goals. Highly recommend !”

Om Parnani

a month ago

“I’ve joined gyming recently. It’s been only 9 months. I’ve been in Rave for the past 5 months. It’s a great place to workout for the following reasons
1. The ambient music is workout enducing
2. It’s not like there are only bodybuilders who you look at and question your capacity. Everyone’s a part of this cult here.
3. I’ve been to 3 gyms but the trainers on the floor here give undivided attention to work irrespective of Personal training. The supervision and leadership of Saurav is worth the praise.
On a personal level I was trained in Personal training under Danish Naushid. A great humble person to begin with. Understands my body well. I lost around 10kgs and reduced fat% by 10% in 5 months in the body composition test.
Conclusion: if you’re a newbie and can’t decide, do take a free trial like me.
Its been 9months+ 1 year or so now. I did the lockdown online sessions with the same trainer and I’m glad to say that my journey towards fitness was not on the back burner because of the lockdown as I was maintaining a lean body and working towards getting abs. Its a long process but I’ve started showing definition of the first two despite couch potatoes becoming pohtatos. Eat sleep RAVE repeat.”

Sayan Misra

a month ago

“Excellent professionalism and coaches. Their customized trainings really helped me to get better in shape and strength. I and my wife do classes with Danish. He is an excellent coach who really understands what his students need in terms of gaining overall mobility and fitness. I do online sessions with him. He is extremely patient and his attention to details is amazing.
Best place to go if you would like to change your lifestyle like me but do not know where to start. They will take good care of you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! ”

Ambika Lal

a month ago

“Its been a pleasure having Saurav as my trainer. I have always been reluctant when it came to working out but with the pandemic happening I decided to start working on my fitness and their could be no better trainer. He made the sessions interesting and also kept me motivated. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to take that first step towards regaining their fitness.”

Ritu Jolly

a month ago

“RAVE is undoubtedly a fitness studio with a difference. Personal attention is given to each member, with workouts designed to meet their individuals goals. There is no monotony as there are a variety of exercises. Sourav’s guidance and exercises – online during lockdown or at the gym, have helped me gain strength and endurance. I highly recommend RAVE to all who are passionate about fitness.. the young and the not so young!”

Riddhiman Saha

a month ago

“Right after the lockdown started I joined their online classes. The schedule was very convenient as it was after office hours. Coach Saurav is extremely professional and his online class workouts are super simple and effective. The classes were no-nonsense, well-structured, concise and helped me a lot to stay in shape given the current times. Kudos to RAVE for the great work they are doing.”

Seema Gupta

a month ago

“Hi m taking group online sessions conducted by Sorav Arora the sessions are different everyday which makes it interesting and really enjoy working out as it refreshes. me after my hectic day schedule thank u sir for ur effort”

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