3 Ways by Which Tabata Sessions Revolutionize Up Your Metabolism

Bring in a TABATA session in your workout revolution!

TABATA is a high-intensity workout session that focuses on overall fitness and benefits of weight-loss. Being a very short workout session, it combines in the advantages of both circuit training and CrossFit exercises. As a high-intensity interval training (HIIT), it attracts the attention of a lot of people because it saves time in getting the result.

The Secret Behind 20/10 Session


Research conducted by its founder, Dr Izumi Tabata shows that a repetitive 20-on/10-off session of exercises yielded a better result than the moderate intensity exercises. This exercise helped in increasing the anaerobic and aerobic fitness levels considerably. Experts believe that this is always going to be helpful in increasing the core strength and enhancing cardiovascular fitness.

The following are some of the ways by which TABATA session helps in enhancing the body’s metabolism–

1.Helps Improve Heart Rate & Body Metabolism


Whichever exercises you are opting for, TABATA is always going to increase the heart rate and hence, raise your body metabolism. Since the bouts are of 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest, the person undergoes a high-intensity session making the heart to pump more blood. Thus, the metabolism of the body jumps and the body burns more calories compared to traditional training methods.

The best thing about this type of session is that the body continues to burn more calories even after the session is completed because the body has raised the metabolism to meet the increased demands of muscles trying to recover from the session.


For a result-oriented TABATA session, one can incorporate different exercises and equipment. Push-ups, squats, bench press, weights, ball exercises, planks, resistance bands are some of them.

However, the trainers from Rave Fitness Studio recommend to include more compound exercises to make the most of TABATA.

2.Helps Improve Strength by Body Conditioning


Are you exercising to build strength?

Well, remember that intensity is always going to be the key factor. Exercising with maximal intensity is a sure way to build strength. The experts believe that for the best result in these short format of exercise bouts one should always stress on the exercises where one can perform maximally. TABATA session puts the body in strength building right from the very first session.

3. Increases the Body’s Aerobic & Anaerobic Capacities


A recent study shows that a person taking TABATA training has a considerable increment in the aerobic capacity. This means more energy and stamina and increased resistance to constant effort and stress. Exposing the body to stressed aerobic capacity enables the body to produce more energy in the presence of oxygen.

Same is the case with the anaerobic capacity. The body performs equally well in the absence of oxygen.


The research has also concluded that it is five times more efficient and effective than the traditional workout sessions.

Push hard- Your Fitness Result is on Way!


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Since you are going to get involved in the high-intensity session, your body continues to react to the after effect even when you are not performing the bouts. Undoubtedly, the metabolism of your body is always going to stay high even after hours of exercise. The professionals from Rave Fitness Studio will always guide you with the right sets for the best results.