4 Top-notch Strategies to Follow for an Improved Cardiovascular Health

Behind every exercise, the motive is to make sure that the muscular strength of the body increases. With the gyms and the fitness trainers putting stress on regular exercises to be done in sets to get every part of the body functional; the importance of the cardiovascular exercises has increased exorbitantly. The purpose of the exercises is to enable the heart to pump more blood in every stroke. The faster the heart rate, the maximum is the oxygen flow which in turn helps the body to fuel up.

With regular exercise session, the body adapts to the increased oxygen supply, in turn, enhances the ability to turn it into energy after each workout session. For the fitness enthusiasts, it is always necessary to keep in mind the progressive movement. Every effort and the improvement program should be directed towards empowering the cardiac muscle strength.

The fitness trainers from Rave Fitness Studio stress on choosing those workouts for the heart that have the potential to bear the gradual increment of the intensity to which the body responds positively. The following are some of the things that need to be taken care of when it comes to improving the cardiovascular health—

1. Following General Rule/Basics of Exercising
basics of exercising

Exercising once in a while is never going to yield fruitful results. Therefore, sticking to a regular session of activities that involve not only physical movement of some body parts but also ensure that heart pumps out more amount of fresh blood. Well, this is the general rule for exercising.

For those who are deskbound and want to go with the exercises to improve the cardiovascular health, then either starting all of a sudden or stressing too much at a stretch should always be avoided.

The focus should be on “general heart conditioning” at the initial phases to slowly switching over to “moderate-intensity” exercises and then to the “high-goal oriented” ones. The goal should be set on dedicating 30 minutes on a daily basis for the exercises like fast walking, bicycling, jogging, or exercising on a treadmill. Expert trainers from Rave Fitness Studio suggest to consult before starting with any exercise.

2. Adding Intensity Gradually
adding intensity gradually

It’s time to intensify the exercising session. After being thorough with the 30 minutes of a regular session, the fitness enthusiast needs to convert the “moderate-intensity” session to “vigorous-intensity” sessions. Workouts that focus on increasing the heart rate by up to 75% should be given a try gradually, but only under professional guidance. Initially, the person should be able to maintain the intensity until the heart adapts.

3. Indulging in High-Intensity Training Session
high-intensity training session

Research shows that HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is an idyllic way to increase the heart rate and to improve the cardiovascular health. However, for the beginners, it is a strict NO!

“HIIT includes a fixed period of intense exercising followed by recovery time”, quotes the fitness trainer from the centre. For example, cycling at a near-maximum speed for approximately 30 seconds and then slowing down the rate for yet another 30 seconds and repeating it in sets of three to four is always going to be effective when it comes to increasing the cardiovascular muscle strength. What needs to be done is to repeat the workout on a daily basis.

4. A Healthy Exercise and Diet Schedule
healthy exercise and diet schedule

To increase the effectiveness of the exercises, it is necessary to make sure that these are followed regularly. Apart from this, for an obese person, it is essential to have a check on the dietary plan also. It is always advised to consume in fewer calories and focus should always be on losing the maximum while being in the session. Relying on a balanced diet is one of the ways that can maximize the effect of exercises concerning cardiovascular health.

How does the Cardiovascular System respond to Exercises?
cardiovascular system respond to exercises

When a person does an exercise that relates to heart, then the heart pumps out blood and delivers oxygen to the lungs and other muscles. Maximizing the nutrient-rich blood and oxygen flow in the body create energy. It is seen that a single bout of aerobic exercise is sufficient to deliver the oxygen need of the body.


No one can beat a healthy heart. Therefore, a regular physical exercise is always going to keep the blood pressure in check by controlling not only the body weight but also the stress. Starting from what you can for even 10 minutes is going to be impactful.

Therefore, it is the high time to have a heart to heart about heart diseases. Rave Fitness Studio, being the top fitness centre in Kolkata, has always set priority on KEEPING A HEALTHY HEART BY BEATING ALL THE HEART DISEASES.