Best Ladies Gym In Kolkata: 7 Things You Should Know First!

It’s a very famous norm that ladies stay fit if they do the house chores only. That is not true because specific fitness is achieved through regular visits to the gym. There are various fitness trainers in Kolkata, Which you can look for, though the Rave Studio is where you will find the most experienced in fitness training. If you are hesitant to choose a gym with co-members, then the Rave studio has the best-classified ladies gym in Kolkata with the same facilities as men enjoy.

So if you are starting for the first time, here are some things to keep in mind before you begin your transformation journey.

Set Goals:

Before start, the workout set your desired goals. Plan wisely about what you want, be it cardio, yoga, six-pack abs training, or a fat loss program. The Best Ladies Gym Kolkata always goes for targeted goals, so the correct program is chosen. With that, schedule your timings for the exercise routine.

Stretch First:

Whether you are a pro or new to the rain, stretch your body first. Do this with the help of the instructor and go for easy exercises first. It will warm the body and get the blood in circulation.

Choose The Program:

Before going for any Fitness Online Training module, think properly about the program you want. Choose from kettlebell training, corrective training, fat loss, CrossFit training, nutrition guidance, or heavy cardio. See what you need and start doing that.

Strength and Core Training:

 After the initial warmup, go for core training. Trainers in the Ladies’ gym know that choosing the core training is not easy, so the professionals are here to guide you the best, be it online or in person. Since ladies’ body structure is different, it is good to get advice first.

Mix Training:

If you want to achieve maximum benefits quickly, you can mix and tailor the programs you want. You can start with yoga and then shift to cardio or dumbbell workouts. Remember, do not stress yourself.

Chart of Progress:

The Rave fitness Studio Kolkata Online Fitness Coach advises all customers to keep track of their program. Better keep a chart or maintain a daily log of how much you exercise and lose weight.

Online Fitness Coach

Recover And Celebrate:

If you need a timeout, take some, don’t overdo any exercise as it will exhaust you. Finally, upon reaching the desired goal, treat yourself to something good. After all, you deserve it.


There are very few options for ladies to have a lady’s gym in Kolkata. The Rave studio provides just the right kind of environment for Fitness Trainers in Kolkata. With time, your muscles will rebuild and adapt to the new routine, so do maintain it. Another great reason to be at the gym is that you have access to the equipment just like everybody there. All personal trainers are highly certified, so don’t worry about the loss aftermath; we offer our services in diet nutrition. So why the wait? Go ahead and give us a call.