Fantastic ways to lose weight at home: The ultimate guide to 7 best exercises

Is there a voice in your ears telling you to lose weight at home? Are you trying to find the best Weight Loss Center In Kolkata to cater to your training exercise needs? Probably these questions are common and common sense would tell you to lose weight by burning calories only. But, there are various online training programs where you can get complete guidance. So why not adopt the most popular one, such as Rave Studio?

Losing weight at home in a short time requires patience and a good deal of discipline. It would be best if you had some regularity and changes in your lifestyle to achieve the best results. Generally, if you want to consult the Best Weight Loss Centers In Kolkata, then Rave Studio is there for you but if the comfort zone is your choice, then read along to find how you can lose weight with that option.

Alternative cardio

Doing various forms of cardio is the first best thing to do to lose body weight. You may think that working outside the home gives the best results, but now it is possible to get the same or better results at home.

You can combine exercises such as skipping, lunges, squats, and burpees. Our trainers will modify and outline a plan on how to carry out these cardio exercises along with the best schedule. Generally, the standard gyms may have a different pattern, but Kolkata’s Best Gym For Weight Loss keeps the customer priorities first.


 Weight Loss Center In Kolkata

The most significant benefit of plants is that it targets all muscle groups in the body. It strengthens your core and works on your shoulders, arms, chest, hips, and back. Moreover, the planks burn out fats faster than any other exercise.

Doing planks is less exhausting than other routines, so try to do it for longer.


It may seem weird to run around in your house for no reason. Furthermore, if you lack space, then running is not an option. But, if you can go out for twenty minutes and leave the couch potato syndrome, then you will lose faster than anticipated. A good Weight Loss Center In Kolkata will advise you to combine a healthy diet with running or jogging.

Push and pull-ups

These exercises are good for targeting the large muscles in your body. These sets push you away from the ground, thus increasing energy and burning fats. Start doing these regularly, and you will notice the difference with time. All online trainers who work to lose weight at home will recommend this.

Jumping jacks

This exercise involves working the entire body; hence it is suitable for the lungs, heart, and all muscles. You must stand straight with legs wide apart and spread your arms to the side. Then jump repeatedly.

Don’t forget to keep your body straight after each jump and do this in sets.

High-intensity interval training

If you are short of time and want to achieve a significant fitness change overnight, then the HIIT routine will work for you. The Best Weight Loss Centers In Kolkata might not recommend you, but the Rave Studio does.

It includes exercises such as mountain climbing, jumps, lunges, butt kicks, burpees, working with different weights, and a whole lot of cardio, including planks and squats.


It is called the king of all exercises to lose weight as it attacks all significant muscles and core. Apart from strengthening the body, this releases a good amount of testosterone which is essential in muscle building and losing weight.

So no matter what gender you are, the rave Studio which is the ultimate Weight Loss Program In Kolkata, has trainers that can guide you online and in classes till you achieve the target.

Don’t wait long and give us a call to schedule an appointment to get complete details fast and for the ultimate results.