Fat Loss Vs. Weight Loss: Reasons Why They Don’t Work & What You Can Do About It

Weight has become the hottest topic amongst the youth. Each bite of any food is nowadays, directly related to weight gain or loss. Do you remember when you stood upon a weighing scale last time? For the fitness freaks, weight is often related to as an indicator of how fit the individual is. However, what most people confuse with are the fat and weight. If the reading does not come down on the weighing scale even after hitting the gym and practising with the exercises for hours, people get disappointed.

What needs to be kept in mind is that exercises and physical activities are directed towards fat loss and not weight loss. It is because the weight of a body takes into account the physique of an individual and elements like muscle, bone and water, fat is the deciding factor. Therefore, most of the exercises are concerned with fat loss and ensuring a healthy BMI (Body-Mass Indices).

Knowing the Body Composition

Each of us has a different mass. The contribution of the deciding elements on the body mass for a normal healthy body is as follows-

Muscle– 30% to 40%

Fat– 10% to 30% (depends on the gender)

Bone– 15%

Water– 10% to 25%

Organs and Tissues– up to 15%

Since the following numbers are not indicated on a weighing scale, therefore, it is important to keep these in mind in a streamlined “fat loss program”.

Differentiating Fat Loss and Weight Loss Session

You must have heard people talking about weight loss and losing fat and think both are same. But this is not the case. If you gain weight, then you are putting up fat. But when you lose even a pound of weight, then it is not necessary that you have lost fat. Dehydration during the fitness session can also lead to weight loss. Apart from this, you might have lost muscle, or to a real extent fat also. But what it needs to make sure whether that what you are losing is only FAT?

Weight Loss– Losing the body weight that accounts for the sum weight of bones, muscles, organs, etc

Fat Loss– Losing the amount of fat deposition from the body. An ideal loss is considered to be 10% of the body weight for men and 15% of women.

People often refer to their fat loss session as weight loss, which should never be.

Bout towards a Successful Fat Loss Feat

For the fitness enthusiasts, it is necessary to stress on losing fat without losing muscle. Every choice one makes towards toning the body shape should end fruitfully. Therefore, what is needed is to be enduring. The fitness trainers of Rave Fitness Studio suggest not to starve, not to binge. Instead, by eating right, exercising the right way is going to get you the desired result. The focus should always be on preserving the muscle.

Keys to Losing Fat and Not the Muscle

It needs a strategic approach from the end of the trainee. Every activity needs to be in synchronisation with each other. HIIT exercises are the best when it comes to burning up the deposited cellulose from the body.

The trainers from the fitness centre say that each session should be dedicated to losing fat because if you lose muscle then losing fat would be more difficult.

The following are the key ways when it comes to losing muscle

The focus should always be on getting stronger because strength building is directly related to muscle building. Apart from this, it helps in sticking to a healthy diet.

A healthy diet plan plays the crucial role and is considered the backbone when it comes to muscle building and losing fat. Keeping in mind the nutrient value for the meal should be the priority. Avoiding starchy and processed food is one of the effective ways.

Cardio exercises work well for fat loss session, but it should be combined with strength building exercises like hypertrophy, strongman training, and High Intensity Interval Training for the best result. The best part is that you won’t end up looking skinny fat.

“Remember, only you can reduce your Body Fat”lose-body-fat

Yes, the answer is in your determination. It is all about correlating balanced diet with the right type of exercise session. At Rave Fitness Studio, the trainers guide you in combining the cardio exercises with fat loss and strength session. One must always remember that the scales for the weight measurement show only a part of it. Muscles are always denser than fat and therefore, assuming all fat loss is weight loss is wrong. So having more muscle will actually make you look slim and toned. We recommend that you reconsider your fitness goals from- Short Term Weight Loss to Seeking Long Term Health!