Get Into the Best Shape With a Proper and Planned Nutrition Regime

Are you not you getting the desired result even after hitting the gym on a regular basis? Have you ever thought of the possible reasons behind this? It can be either you are not taking your workouts seriously, or there is malfunctioning in your nutrition regime.

According to a report published in one of the local dailies, most of the failed cases of fitness have been because of the improper nutrition chart that people follow. On this World Nutrition Week let’s have a sneak peak on making collaboration between nutrition and fitness for the best result.

The Ladder for all Fitness is NUTRITION


Believe it- “Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence. All parts are interconnected.”

There is a myth amongst the majority of the section that eating less would help to stay fit. But this is not the case. Experts advise not to eat less. Instead of eating in the right way is always going to improve the functioning of the whole body.

You are what you EAT so Be Smart, Eat Smart


“Our food should be our medicine and the medicine should be our food”.

The intake of the proper nutrition is an essential aspect of a balanced diet. When you are getting the right calories and the nutrients, you are fueled automatically for all your daily activities including performing well at the gym. People consider that eating food is as simple as choosing the vegetables over the pastries. But it is not the case. Getting the right kind of food at the right time of the day matters the most.

The following are some of the important points why one should stress on a healthy breakfast, snacks pre and post workouts and the rest of the day meal plans.

BREAKFAST- Your Nutrition for the Day Starts Here


Breakfast is one of the essential meals that should never be skipped. A report shows that sticking to a healthy and regular breakfast ensures a lower risk of heart ailments, diabetes, and obesity. Apart from this, a proper breakfast helps in replenishing the energy and power that muscles want. Skipping breakfast leaves a person lethargic. Therefore, having a healthy breakfast plays a crucial role especially when exercising is at the top of your mind.

Choosing the right kind of breakfast holds the master key. Relying on carbohydrates is one of the commonest things that most people follow. However, feeding on a doughnut or a plain white bread is never going to make you feel full for a long time.

The trainers from Rave Fitness Studio suggest taking fibre and protein-rich breakfasts to fend off the hunger pangs for a long time and provide you with the much-required energy to cope up with the energy session. The following are some of the tips on breakfasts—

Trying on high-fibre rich meals or whole-grain cereals like oats and granola (no added sugar) in combination with protein-rich milk, instead of sugar-laden cereals is considered as a healthy breakfast

Eggs and fruits for breakfast are an excellent choice

Whole-grain pieces of bread combined with peanut butter, a veggie smoothie is another rich source of protein and micronutrients

Bank on the Right Carbohydrate Intake


According to the fitness experts at Rave Fitness Studio, instead of banking on complex carb-rich foods, relying on beans, veggies, fruits and whole-grain food would be a great option. These are not only easy to digest but have the potential to keep the body energized throughout the day. The medicinal advantage includes keeping the blood sugar level stable. Therefore, to keep the body performing, quality carbohydrate intake is necessary.

Pack up your Snacks and Meals with PROTEINS


When you are exercising in the gym, then you must pack your meals and snacks with the optimum amount of protein. It is one of the essential components of your balanced diet. It helps in growth, maintenance, and repair of the body muscles and tissues and assists in enjoying the workouts.

According to one of the health blogs, a normal individual needs to take in approximately 0.8 gram of protein every day for every kilogram of their body weight. But the portion requirement go up when a person is exercising to about 1.2 grams per kilogram of bodyweight. The major sources of proteins are as follows—

Poultry products like chicken, turkey, eggs; and red meat

Fishes like tuna and salmon

Dairy products like yogurt and milk

Lentils and beans that belong to the leguminous family

Count on the “Healthy” Unsaturated Fats


Fat is an essential source of all the aerobic exercises and when it comes to hitting the gym for the longest workouts, count on the energy from the healthy unsaturated fats. The following are some of the sources of fat that helps your body to perform—

Olives and olive oils

Nuts, seeds and avocados

Peanut butter

Energize your Body Prior Exercise Session

Fueling up the body before and after every session of workout is essential. It can be achieved only by taking the right amount of carbs and proteins. Therefore, stocking up your fitness bag with the following items are always going to be helpful—

Berries, Bananas, Grapes and Oranges

Nut butter and mixed unsalted nuts

So, Reward yourself with the Right Food


Balanced food is a key to a healthy lifestyle. It is upon the person going to the gym to discover the right food. Taking in any type of item that has an adverse effect should strictly be prevented. Choosing to balance what’s good and right for you is the best thing that can ever happen during this entire nutrition week.