How To Train At Home To Stay Fit: Pre-recorded Or Online Fitness Training Sessions?

In todays modern world most of our day to day work is taken care of by machines, for instance to get to a floor above us we usually use an elevator or escalator instead of stairs and instead of walking to our destination we prefer taking our cars or public transport etc. So, basically our lifestyles have become very sedentary or machine dependent. This has an adverse effect on our physical health in the long run. Hence, it is crucial that we incooperate some physical activity to stay fit and prevent several lifestyle diseases.

Many people complain that our lives are so busy that they don’t get time to go to gym or engage in any other regular physical activity. This is where online fitness training helps to a great extent as it makes it possible for us to train at home thereby saving travelling time.

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Thanks to the advancement of technology today all we need is a good internet connection and some space. Although going to the fitness studio gives us access to useful equipment and a suitable workout ambience but when that is not an option, choosing online fitness training can help drastically . Especially considering our current scenario of a pandemic, online fitness training can be of great use.

There are two types of Online Fitness Training one being recorded training where we play a pre-recorded video and follow the instructions given and the other is live online fitness training which can be provided in groups or one to one by a Personal Trainer from Rave Fitness through a video conference.

Difference between pre-recorded online training and live online fitness training:


Searching for an Exercise Video on YouTube or Instagram does not cost anything, well financially atleast. We may have to pay later if we get injured or get totally demotivated to continue exercising.

While a live fitness training session is usually not going to be free but it provides a lot of value and some of the benefits are mentioned below:-

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Workout vs Training:

-In a pre-recorded training we are not able to achieve our desired goal but  just get a generalized  workout. That means the purpose of the session is just to make you feel exhausted today, and every other day without any goal in mind.

While in a live Online Fitness Session With A Personal Trainer from Rave Fitness can design an effective program to cater to our personal fitness goals and keeping in mind our medical and fitness background.

Injury prevention:

Following recorded training can also cause injuries as certain exercises shown there may not be suitable for you incase you have any joint issues or any other underlying health issues. Also sometimes we think that we are exercising with good technique but in reality there are several flaws.

While in a one to one training as its a two-way communication method, so the Personal Trainer from Rave Fitness will be able to point out the flaws and teach you the correct technique to prevent injuries. This will not only ensure a safe workout but also an effective one.

Beyond Exercise:

To be able to achieve your fitness goal just exercising for an hour a day is not enough, its a shift to a complete healthier lifestyle. So this will obviously not be possible in a pre-recorded session. But a Personal Trainer from Rave Fitness can also give you a basic nutrition and lifestyle guidance, which goes a long way to achieve your desired fitness goal.

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The Social Element:

Humans are social beings; this aspect will be completely missed out in a pre-recorded session. Whether you are stressed, still soar from the last workout or just not feeling great someday, a pre-recorded session will just go on at the same pace.

However, in a live session the Personal Trainer from Rave Fitness will be able to scale the workouts, make changes to the exercises or just give you a little motivation when you really need it. This would help you to stay consistent with your workout sessions for much longer time. 

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Considering the above points its fair to conclude that a live training session with a Personal Trainer from Rave Fitness using video conferencing platforms is far more safe and effective than just watching random pre-recorded exercise videos and trying to workout at home. There is a good reason why we go to school and not just study the same material on Google(its free). Teacher know best.

The Personal training session delivered at Rave Fitness Studio in Kolkata have been of the highest quality and they continue to maintain the same high standards even when delivered online.