Look Like a Beauty Lift Like a Beast

Millions of women have been deprived of what is believed to be the most empowering method of training for improving the body. All because of the myth that lifting heavy weights will cause you to develop a bulky-looking body.

You may have been told that cardio is the ultimate fat burner, but that effect stops the minute you hop off the treadmill. While on the other hand if you train to build more muscle your body will keep burning fat all day long.

Lifting weights can increase your lean body mass, which increases the number of overall calories you burn during the day.

The Hormone Testosteroneis why women are incapable of acquiring muscle mass anywhere close to the level that a male.The average female has about 15-20 times less testosterone than men do. Testosterone aids in muscle building. In Fact, not even males have to worry about getting too big. Anyone that you see with grossly large muscles is consuming steroids. Unless you have a rare set of genes, you’re going to work your ass off just to gain some respectable muscle.

Muscle Fibers in women have major structural differences as compared to their counterparts.Men have contractile muscle fibers that are two times larger than women. In fact, research continues to reveal that although females can make significant increases in strength by weight training, they are not capable of increasing muscle size to the degree that men can.

One of the most commonly-stated myths in women’s health is that you can “tone” your body without buildingmuscle.

There is no difference in these terms. “Tone” is a term women’s fitness magazines use as an alternative to building muscle.By popular definition, muscle tone equals defined musculature, but not significant muscle size. We want our muscles to show, but we don’t want them to be big. We achieve that by removing the substance that covers our muscles; body fat. The only way to allow your muscles to show without increasing their size is to reduce our body fat level.

Following are a few reasons to keep Weight Lifting in your workout regime-

• The huge advantage to weight training is your body’s ability to burn fat during and after exercise which results in more effective fat loss.

• As you build muscle, your body begins to take a nice hourglass shape. Strength training can help create and sustain them.

• Strength training greatly improves sleep quality, aiding in your ability to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake less often during the night.

• Resistance training causes an increase in energy expenditure hours after you train, so you get more energy throughout the day.

• Better heart and bone health.

• Researchers have consistently found that those who regularly strength train tend to manage stress better and experience fewer adverse reactions to stressful situations as those who do not exercise.

All of us want to feel strong, determined, and confident in everything we do: from fitting into jeans, to moving heavy furniture, to playing with kids, to dealing with a stressful career. Resistance training can benefit in all aspects of your life. Put it in your fitness plan and feel stronger, healthier, and more confident!