Online Personal Training:- The anatomy of the human body is astonishing and the way it works is just wonderful. Our body has several sets of muscles that make up different components. The main work starts with muscles in our system. A set of skeletal muscles are attached to bones and skin and the contraction of it makes our limbs move. Hence taking care of muscles is highly necessary.

At Rave Fitness Studio, the best gym trainer in Kolkata is specialized in this field. The online fitness courses offered here are designed in specific ways which focus on muscle-building training.  It will keep your health intact and in fact better.

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What is Muscle Building?

Muscles make the mass of the body. Since the main function is to keep our body movement running, they keep on burning energy and ft all the time. Many times they are broken and need repair. In the required process, the size of the muscles increases, meaning muscle building. Our Online Personal Training Kolkata focuses more on muscle building. The fitness trainer in Kolkata makes sure you receive online exercises which enhance the muscles in the body, making your body have muscles in the right spot.

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Dumbbell Works Out:

The best gym trainer in Kolkata takes a versatile turn when it comes to lifting weights. Noting can stop you to have inner core strength combined with building abs. The end result is much more than premised. The online Personal Training will target your desired muscles to make your core better.

The Dumbbell workout plan has many steps involved. Here few steps are given which works in the following ways.

Dumbbell Workout At Home
  • Lie flat on the floor and hold dumbbells. Lift your hand towards the sky and lower it after few seconds. This will contract the chest muscles and make them stronger.
  • Next, hold dumbbells while standing up, lower your torso till hips. Lift the weights from your elbows and do up and down movement. It will build back muscles.
  • Then, stand tall and hold a dumbbell in front of your face. Raise hands and move in a clockwise direction. It will develop abs.
  • Similarly, you can do squats and move hands holding dumbbells. It will enhance hand muscles and abs.
  • Do a front raise while holding a dumbbell is great. It will lift your shoulders predominantly and create new muscles there.

These are just some of the exercises enlisted here. Many more are a part of Rave Fitness Studio having Personal Fitness Trainer Kolkata.

At-Home Programs:

Rave studio specializes in online fitness training. Your query to the gym in Kolkata near me is answered here. Our fitness center provides a uniquely designed Online Fitness Coach/classes to each individual to target the muscles and abs as per the requirement.

The fitness trainer in Kolkata in gym in Kolkata near me has various options. But the best is Rave Fitness Studio. We are available at all times during the day and night. Do Visit Or Call Us For More Information and how to get online training started. The details are given below.

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